• Panthea Spyratos


I'm so excited to begin sharing my journey with you. I'm a daughter, wife, educator, and DIY enthusiast. Teaching was my calling, it gave me a creative outlet while working with some pretty amazing kids along the way. There's nothing more fulfilling than helping a child find their light bulb moment. It's those pieces of pure bliss that keeps us educators going despite the ever increasing demands of our job.

So, how did I decide to leave my teaching career and venture into the entrepreneurial/business world? Some of you may be thinking I'm crazy, and perhaps I am, but I'm so passionate about taking education to the next level that I knew this was something I had to do. Alas, EdUcate was born!

I'm currently in the beginning stages of opening EdUcate, Private Tutoring Center in my hometown of Sycamore. As a former educator I'm committed to offering good education, period. No gimmicks, just good teaching, no fishy commitments, just personalized support. I'm determined to support the youth of my community, helping them thrive, because every child deserves academic confidence.

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